Complete Surrender

I think in life, sometimes we try to hard to control things & the more we stress & try to control a situation, the worse it gets. I think it's important to breathe & completely surrender. You can't always control what is happening around you or undo something you might've done. I have regrets about things I could've done better given the wisdom I have now.. given the self-discipline & patience I've been forcing myself to learn in the past few weeks. Often times, we want to rush to prove people wrong without working within ourselves long enough. I realize that inaction sometimes is the best option & I know this is the case for me because it is forcing me to practice & further develop self-discipline & patience which I had not before. Refrain from succumbing to weak emotions; completely surrender to God to work in your situation. Things are not always going to resolve quickly or on my own time. Others have their own time and more importantly, God has His time. There is a time for everything under the heavens... a time to laugh, a time to cry.. a time to embrace & a time to refrain from embracing . I surrender my wants & ways to God's will, time & mighty hand. In my surrender, a huge burden has been lifted, & ironically, I have more control of my spirit & my emotions as a result. The flesh hurts, but my soul rejoices... because for the first time, I find the peace I was looking for in my surrender to God. & I know that through the surrender, I open up the door for God to work his miracles in my life.